SINCE 1970

AL-KOR which was founded in 1970, today carries out its activities in three plants on a total indoor area of 25.000 m², located in Turkey.


Achieving %50 of its sales through export, AL-KOR exports to 40 different points particularly in Europe, as well as Asia, Africa and America continents.


AL-KOR celebrates its 49th anniversary with its new Arnavutkoy plant launched in Istanbul. With the new plant, AL-KOR, aims to provide more effective service for its customers


Bursa plant places a trail in terms of the size and speed of machinery capacity in high vacuum metal coating sector in turkey.


By way of such breakthroughs it aims to increase its market share by manufacturing reflectors for automotive and industrial lighting sectors.


Without compromising its principal, company's most important capital is human resources, Alkor founded AL-KOR Academy with the purpose of equally developing and consistently increasing the competency of its employees who always carry the company onwards.


AL-KOR which provides design and prototypes to its global customers since 1970, has never seize to research, develop, design and produce economic value.

With its experienced and expert personnel, AL-KOR provides cold metal shaping, welding and mounting processes in the mechanical and hydraulic press park with a capacity up to 800 tones.


Featuring a capacity of 1000 tones to its injection machines, AL-KOR perfectly offers its expertise in plastic welding and the parts manufactured in the automated assembly lines designed by its R&D team to the service of its customers.


Wrapped among the first 100 in UIB listing and among the second 500 in ISO, working in line with lean management principals, having a high brand value in the global market, by making use of high R&D, design and technology skills, attaching importance to education, aiming respect towards people and environment, as well as continuous development, AL-KOR has adopted the vision to its customers not only molds but a complete solution.