Human Resources

As AL-KOR, it is our main goal to contribute to the main purpose of the organization by developing and applying Human Resources systems within the framework of the needs and demands of the sector, to gain and develop the effective manpower with which we will walk together to succeed in the fields in which we operate.

In line with the requirements of the position in our company, it is adopted as a principle to bring in people who are successful in implementing innovations with a high level of education, who are open to innovations, who adopt the values of questioning and being team players, and who will add value to their work.

By creating an environment and opportunities to improve the talents and competencies of the employees within the framework of company objectives, it is aimed to train successful employees as the managers of the future in line with their abilities or to implement professional development programs in which they can improve themselves in their work. With cooperation with various universities, willing employees can participate in the master’s and doctoral programs with special conditions. In this context, willing employees with whom we will walk together are supported and encouraged.

Considering the happiness of its employees as its own happiness, AL-KOR conducts an “Employee Satisfaction Survey” once a year. As a result of the survey data, necessary actions are followed as company targets.

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