Our Values


With our belief in the importance of human resources, we offer our employees a fair, safe and healthy working environment and provide them with equal opportunities. We believe in teamwork and care about the power of producing together. We are connected to each other like a family, we are preparing for a strong future by producing together.


We aim to provide the best products to our customers. We act in accordance with the expectations of our customers and offer high value-added works. Together with our customers and employees, we touch the lives of millions of people who use vehicles in traffic and white goods at home. We produce quality and supply with confidence.

Happy Employees

We believe in the power of happy and highly-motivated employees. We value the ideas of our employees and we take care to add value to our employees. We have been walking and growing together with our employees for many years. We attach importance to their development and support them with training.


As AL-KOR, we attach importance to R&D studies to produce more innovative and efficient products by following up-to-date technology. We inspire customer projects with our R&D experiences, we design together and produce for our customers.

Respect for the Environment

We are aware that we have limited resources, we act with environmental awareness in all our processes from design to production. We take care to protect our resources for future generations and consider the protection of nature and the environment among our basic duties.

Ethical Values

As AL-KOR, we act with a transparent and accountable service approach. Based on our corporate principles, we care about a transparent, honest, and fair working approach with our stakeholders. We take care to act fairly and honestly in all our business processes. We act in mutual respect with a sense of responsibility within the organization, and we adopt the principle of treating all our employees fairly, regardless of language, religion, race, and gender.

Equal Opportunity

Equality of opportunity is among the main components of our company values. As AL-KOR, we care about equal opportunity in working life. We believe that productivity in working life will be possible with the active participation of women in working life. With our human resources, we take steps to ensure the effective inheritance of women in working life.

In addition to gender equality in working life, we take care to include disabled citizens as well. We support the processes of participation in working life by including disabled staff in our company. We respect people and try to add value to our working life with our differences.


As we design the components of systems that shape the future, we integrate the approach of sustainability into our business endeavors with the motto of being, “Respectful of the environment, respected in the world.” Our purpose is to produce environmentally-friendly products through sustainable growth. We know that sustainable growth will only be possible through taking each step with a view of protecting the environment.

At AL-KOR, we carry out all activities with absolute awareness of our social and environmental responsibilities that provide our shareholders with added value. We concentrate on our objectives with a sustainable and innovative perspective. Within the framework of sustainability, our intention is to be a part of the solution. We are building the future of our dreams by taking steps that are consistent with the changing world and business conditions.