As AL-KOR, we are able to produce a wide range of products, thanks to the many different design and production technologies we have. We provide services in various sectors from automotive to white goods sector with R&D, molding, press shop, plastic injection, assembly, laboratory, metallization, and different test areas.

Our company, which reflects the innovative and pioneering ideas of the future in the fields of comfort and safety, to its designs and products, has an efficient, economic, technological, natural, and user-friendly oriented perspective with its strong R&D competence.

Mold Design and Production

We carry out the mold design in our workshop, which has the capability of producing plastic injection and progressive metal molds and is equipped with the latest technology CNC milling, electro-erosion, turning, milling, and drilling machines. By working closely with our customers at every step, we serve to fully meet their expectations.

Press Shop

Our company, which has hydraulic and eccentric presses, shares its experience in metal parts production with its customers. We are able to manufacture various metal parts such as lighting groups, seat frames, and sliders, wiper groups, battery housings for the automotive industry.


We make use of our gas metal arc welding, spot welding and projection welds in mold and mass production.

Plastic Injection

Our company is among the leading companies in the sector with the products it offers with its plastic injection and integrated assembly processes, its technological infrastructure, and innovative perspective, and we have the competence to produce large parts such as hoods, door panels, and bumpers as well as small parts.

Our company, which has adopted the principle of “0 error” with its high capacity, horizontal, vertical, and 2K plastic injection machine park equipped with high technology and integrated robot automation systems working with them, aims to offer the best quality products to its customers.


With the metallization investment made by our company in the Bursa factory, the aluminum coating can be made by masking it completely or partially under high vacuum in the clean room by applying back pressure to aesthetic parts such as bezel and frame, except the body and reflector, which contain optical surfaces printed in plastic injection.


The production of the counters, which are produced in the assembly department, is made by the automation department within our structure, and it provides a serious advantage to strengthen our competence by instantly following the developments in production technologies in the automation sector and adapting them to our machine park quickly.

Many types of equipment such as cameras, sensors, automatic sealing control units are widely used in functionality tests such as poka-yoke, component presence-absence checks, tightness, and electrical control in assembly and test benches used in production.

In addition, we can produce all-optical and visual products, thanks to our conveyor lines with an ionized air spray system, where the desired ambient conditions can be achieved thanks to the “clean rooms” in our two production facilities against particles that have the risk of affecting the part functions.

Automation and Testing

All software and hardware needs of test lines with PLC automation systems are designed and produced by our team. In addition to physical operations such as hot crushing, cutting, and pressing, various electrical tests, tightness tests, dimensional measurements, and presence checks can be performed on the designed lines.


Before delivery, AL-KOR performs dimensional measurements on products and parts according to customer specifications, measurements and tests according to 100% technical drawings. There are many machines and devices used in AL-KOR testing and measurement in our laboratories.

Electronic Typesetting

Thanks to the typesetting line within our company, we have the competence to fulfill the electronic typesetting service we need in various lighting and mechatronic products.