With Our most important asset to success is “Human Approach” which is purpose-driven, aims to better thing  than the before and has the teaching desire 

AL-KOR Human Resources work policy includes all the below;

  • To prioritize the safety and health of our company and employees

  • To provide justice and opportunity equality in between the employees

  • To provide the facility to continous development of the employees

  • With increasing the employees’ satisfaction and loyalty, make them believe to be family.

  • To ensure employees work with the team spirit.

  • To balance the expectations of institution and the employees.

  • To ensure continous improvement in the changing environment which respects and loves each other, prioritizes the reputiton of the institution, sharing its decision and goals

  • To behave in accordance with ethical principals and moral values and responsible  to nature and environment and society

  • To value and evaluate to all suggestions of employees

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