AL-KOR manufactures innovative mechatronic parts which are formed by using technological products used in mechanics and electronics products together. Active Grill Shutter, Coolbox, Logo Projector are some of the company special projects.

With this projects Al-KOR plays active role in mechatronics production.

Their plastic parts are manufactured by 70 tons to 1300 tons and 70 tons to 2100 tons plastics injection machines.

AL-KOR demonstrates its production strategy and experience & capabilities in mechatronics parts with a lean manufacturing perspective from the assembly lines established specifially for each projects.

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Effective Cooling

Different Capacities and Types

Low Energy Use

Sun Blind

Effective Sun Protection

Electrical Mechanism

Patented Design

Functional Parts

Active Grill


Works independently of the user i used to tempetature of the engine at the optimum level in the trucks,

Fuel Saving

Low Emission

Increases Engine Efficiency

Cool Box

It is a project with pull-out drawer system which is located under the bed compartment in the trucks and has an internal refrigerant and trash system.

Effective Cooling

Different Capacities and Types

Low Energy Use