We produce new generation solutions for the cars of the future. We combine user experiences and powerful R&D capabilities in the product. Mottos in production; more user-friendly, more technological, more economical, more efficient, lighter and faster.

AL-KOR which sustains R&D activities with high emphasis since its establishment is 346th R&D Center of Turkey, registered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2016.

AL-KOR is working with 56 qualified and experienced R&D staff of which 36 are engineer on development of innovative products based on internal ideas, market research and customer demands.

Tool and mould design, production of plastic injection and progressive metal moulds. Powerful mould shop including CNC milling, CNC electro erosion, electro erosion, turning machines, milling machines and drilling

Except Body and Reflector with optical surfaces printed in plastic injections, with Metalization, aesthetic parts such as Bezel and Frame can be completely or partially aluminum coated under high vacuum in the clean room where reverse pressure is applied.

Al-Kor is a manufacturer of injection molding machines in the range of 25 - 1300 tons, producing bulb carriers, reflectors, ventilation parts, engine components and automotive parts as well as white goods plastic parts.

Eccentric and Hydraulic Press Line up to 800 tons, formed part production and welding operation, automation adaptation to progressive molds, narrow tolerant parts with plaster molds.

The test lines that we need to realize our projects are designed, produced, assembled and activated by Al-Kor. In this process, we use PLC Automation systems and write the necessary software in-house. In addition to the physical processes such as hot crushing, cutting, pressing, we conduct various electrical tests, sealing tests, dimension measurements and asset controls in the lines we design

Spot welding capability is used by Al-Kor for 2 production. The first one is for welding medium-frequency welding of small pieces (safety parts) of 0.5-0.8 mm width. The second is welding medium-sized parts with thicknesses up to 10 mm. The higher the thickness, the longer the process time.

Arc Welding;  If submerged welding is required, ARC Welding is performed.

AL-KOR makes dimensional measurement, 100% measurement according to technical drawings and testing according to customer specification on products and parts before delivery. In this process, there are many machines and devices AL-KOR used in test and measurement

CNC servo punch and servo bending press for wide range of sheet thickness.

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AL-KOR which was founded in 1970, today carries out is activities...


- Lighting

- Mechatronics

- Electronics

- Metal

- Plastic


Ömerli Mahallesi, İhsangazi Sokak

No: 26 Arnavutköy 34555 İstanbul, Turkey

+90 212 876 5820

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