Design and Development Capabilities

As a “Full System Supplier”, we meet the needs of the metal and plastics industry in automotive interior and exterior lighting, electromechanical, plastic, and metal products and assembled hybrid parts. We have strong competence in the automotive industry with design, prototype, verification, analysis, and validation capabilities, starting from concept design to commercialized product process.

Our company offers sustainable designs with the values it has created in the global market so far by obtaining successful results while designing a new product and minimizing the risk of errors, thanks to the Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA).

With the design, analysis, and simulation software and test equipment such as Altium Designer, NQ Uniq, Optis, Autoform, Ansys, Moldflow, our team has adopted the principle of working by minimizing time and cost.

Computer Aided Design and Analysis Competencies

As AL-KOR, we are a company that has proven its competence with CAE studies.

• Thermal Analysis
• Static and dynamic analysis
• Kinematic analysis of mobile systems
• Analysis of production processes such as Stretch-Bending
• Optimization analyzes of products and processes
• It can serve its customers in many areas such as fatigue analysis.

Test Competencies

Some of the tests we perform in our organization;
•Component, installation, and system performance tests with test benches designed by AL-KOR,
•Opening & closing performance tests and
•All environmental performance tests are carried out within AL-KOR.