Automotive Exterior Lighting

As AL-KOR, we produce group lighting systems that include three-functional exterior lights consisting of daytime running lights, signal and position lamps, front and rear fog lamps, signal lamps, reflectors, stop, fog, reverse gear, signal, and position lamps.In addition, 3rd stop lamps, under-door logo projectors, side mirror strip warning indicator assistant, side mirror signal lamps and reflectors, license plate lighting lamps, charge indicator lighting unit in electric vehicles, reflex reflectors, stop lamp are produced by our company.

Automotive Interior Lighting

As AL-KOR, we offer our products, solutions for in-car ambient lighting, driver and passenger panel lighting systems, ceiling touch lighting units, front and rear ceiling lamps, trunk lamps, front foot lighting lamps, glove box lamps, bus corridor and ceiling lightings, and passenger service sets to our customers.


As AL-KOR, we manufacture active grill shutters, integrated refrigerators, sunscreens, and various functional parts. With the project experience that we have developed and produced in an effective and innovative way for many years, we are developing the project solutions that companies need with our expert staff.


As AL-KOR, we produce plastic components for air conditioning ducts, active radiator headlights, stop, signal, and fog lamps by combining modern technology and innovative perspective in plastic injection and related assembly processes.


As AL-KOR, we manufacture metal brackets, functional parts, battery carriers, metal parts of headlights, stop, signal and fog lamps, metal components of seat and wiper groups in the molding and press shop workshops.The products developed with experienced engineers and mold masters are meticulously processed down to the smallest detail.

Electronics and Software

As a “full system supplier” of the automotive industry, it designs and assembles the cards and circuits required for lighting and mechatronics product groups. In addition to hardware design, engineers who have the competence to design embedded system software have the competence to install and operate software-based systems containing microprocessors.